The early buzz was initially hopeful.

Rumours of studio interference and reshoots reared their ugly heads again dampening expectations.

The Press embargo was lifted and the reviews of A, A*, 5 out of 5, 10 out of 10 etc all started pouring in and hope was restored…

The public responded.

Morning all,

Early tracking numbers for Wonder Woman put the film at an expected $65-$70 Million opening weekend in the USA but after excellent reviews and good word of mouth, like my spoiler free reaction, the predicted box office was revised upwards to $85-90 Million. Final numbers are expected out later today, however the studio has accounced a $100.5 Million opening weekend defying expectations. Worldwide the film has taken a further $120 Million putting its initial 3 day opening at $220 Million eclipsing what Ryan Reynolds “The Green Lantern” took in its ENTIRE CINEMA RUN.. yep, that good.


Steve (#itsSteve)