Every month, I’m going to try to show some of my personal highlights from my favourite cosplayers. I love seeing people bringing my favourite characters from games, TV etc to life. For my first one, I think it’s only fitting that I start with Leon Chiro – a globe-trotting professional cosplayer who has accurately embodied some of my favourite all time game characters.

First up – Zack Fair from Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
Crisis Core is a fantastic prequel to Final Fantasy VII, telling the story of Zack as he aspires to become a SOLDIER First Class like his mentor Angeal and the legendary Sephiroth. Anyone who has completed FFVII knows what happens to Zack in the end, anyone who hasn’t really should. This image is based on the final battle of the game, where Zack, while protecting Cloud, has to face off against an army of soldiers. It’s one of the most emotional scenes you’ll see in a game, set to an awesome score and Leon has caught the essence of Zack perfectly in this shot.

Leon S Kennedy – Resident Evil Series
The hero from Resident Evil 2, 4 and 6 as well as the CGI movies, Leon Kennedy is a quick thinking, fast moving, modern day action hero. He has evolved from Rookie cop during the Raccoon City Incident to Security for the President in the time before Resident Evil 6. This is a damn awesome shot and way closer to the character than Johann Urb’s portrayal in Resident Evil:Retribution (can anyone tell me what happened to him before The Final Chapter?)

Roy Mustang – Fullmetal Alchemist
19023436_1320914441320154_7556546674488447969_oThe flame-based alchemist, Roy Mustang is a fan favourite from both the original FMA series and the more faithful FMA:Brotherhood series. Unlike most alchemists, Roy doesn’t need to draw his transmutation circles to use his alchemy, instead creating fire using gloves made of ignition-cloth with the circles pre-drawn. A click of his fingers creates a spark while he transmutes the air to manipulate the flames to suit his needs. This is captured perfectly in this image, which shows that even a quick selfie (not taking anything away from the time spent getting into character) can be used to create a great cosplay image. If he used the same costume to become Maes Hughes, I don’t think I could handle the feels.

Gladiolus Amicitia – Final Fantasy XV
I’ve only just got my Xbox One and @hausrath will be loaning me FFXV once I have finished Gears 4 and Arkham Knight. I can’t really comment on the story of the character, however the accuracy of the look is amazing. It’s kinda to the point where I see images from the game and picture Leon rather than just the game character. It’s also a great chance to see one of my favourite aspects of cosplaying, the props. Some of the cosplayers I follow share a look at the work in progress when creating props and it’s impressive. I don’t know where he got it or if he made it but look at that sword, it’s like a sawn-off version of Cloud’s (Zack’s/Angeal’s) Buster Sword.


Snow & Serah – Final Fantasy XIII
Sticking with Final Fantasy (can you work out how much I love the imagery in these games) we have Leon joining up with another favourite, Enji Night, to create a this great picture. I need to confess I never played the sequels to FFXIII, so again, I can’t comment on too much of the story but both of these cosplays are fantastic, and the attention to detail is unreal. Google images of these characters and see for yourself if you don’t know.

Anyway, that about covers it for our first cosplayer of the month. I highly recommend you check out Leon on Facebook and Instagram.

Who should I cover next month? I have a couple of ideas but always open to suggestions.