Hello all,

Last weekend I posted the final trailer for Transformers : The Last Knight but then someone went and decided to release another trailer a few days after that… so I guess it is the final, final trailer?

Anyways, struggled to find a copy of this unless it had foreign subtitles on it so below is a mashup of 3 TV spots then the last trailer immediately afterwards. The 3 TV spots are all 30 seconds each so the final trailer starts at the 1 min 30 second mark.

Now, as I have previously stated, the marketing of this has puzzled me somewhat – however if they had just released the first trailer and then this one, I would have been quite happy.. although the film is still likely to be daft, this trailer was the type of trailer that I had expected to be released for the film.

Check it out below and let us know your thoughts.


Steve (#itsSteve)