Morning all,

Yep – I am convinced comic-con is going to ruin me.. if I had the money to burn.. has anyone seen the Sideshow or Hot Toys stands?..

Anyways.. one of the earliest trailers from SDCC was released late last night – the second trailer to Kingsman – The Golden Circle.

I am TOTALLY looking forward to this. Loved the first one (its on netflix at the moment so rewatched it just a few weeks back)

We get a little more of the story this time round – Harry is back (albeit dont know how yet..) Julianne Moore is teased in the villain role and we get some more stunning shots and nonsense galore. The tone of the first film is part spy / part comedy and this looks to be the same.

We also get a little bit more of a look at the Statesman spies and teased that we get Pedro Pascal possibly recreating the bar scene from the first one with his whole “Manners Maketh Man”

As always – check it out and let us know what you think.


Steve (#itsSteve)