Hi all,

FOX TV have released another trailer for the Gifted at San Diego Comic Con and it looks GREAT.

I am totally looking forward to this when it arrives in October.. not sure I am going to have enough time to see everything I want to over the next few months but it is going on the list for now anyways..

We get a better look at the main family and how a moment of bullying causes Andy to mutate revealing his telekinetic powers. We also get to see his sister Lauren already has mutant powers too – again, seemingly telekinetic in nature..

The big twist – their Dad is a (assuming) government agent out to stop / trap mutants (I suppose a little like heroes when it came out years back) but when he realises his kids are mutants seeks out some other mutants to help protect them.

We then get a small introduction to who the main mutants helping will be and a show of their powers and abilities.

Roll on October.


Steve (#itsSteve)