For me, the Transformers franchise produces mixed emotions. When the first live-action movie came out in 2007 I was pumped for it. I grew up watching the 1986 animated movie on repeat, with it’s exciting storyline and memorable 80’s rock soundtrack, it’s a true nostalgic classic. So when the remake was released, I went to the cinema on opening night and was blown away by it. They even brought back Peter Cullen, the real voice of Optimus Prime!! On second viewing, the film lost some of it’s sheen but it was still very good, despite killing off one of my favourites in the final battle. Fast forward 2 years and I have never been more disappointed in a movie. Ever. Well, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is utter shite, despite having Ruby Rose in it, but I wasn’t that excited for it in the first place. Revenge of the Fallen (and this is my opinion so you can either agree, debate it like an adult or not say anything at all) was about 130 minutes longer than it should have been. That’s not to say the entire film was terrible, the forest fight scene was amazing, getting to see Optimus Prime properly kick some ass. I just watched it again and it’s awesome. However, I suppose a 19% rating on Rotten Tomatoes does kinda agree with me.

So as you can expect, my hopes weren’t too high when Dark of the Moon came out. I was pleasantly surprised. Bay’s explosion heavy, destructathon of a franchise had taken it’s toll on the universe but it still all played out quite nicely and didn’t have a massive lengthy desert sequence in the middle. All in all, a much better film.

By the time Age of Extinction came out however, I was bored of it. No cinema trip for me this time, I waited till it was out on DVD before watching it. It was the bland trip through the motions I kind of expected (although T.J Miller being blown up is a highlight to @thebuffgeekpodcast)

So what are we on now? Number 5, The Last Knight. Not seen it, not going to see it, will wait again till it comes out on DVD and see how much further defiled my beloved franchise is. @hausrath witnessed it and posted his review on here afterwards. Possibly as part of post transformers stress disorder therapy. With a 15% score on RT, it looks like they’ve messed this up even more than the 2nd film. They’ve brought in Hot Rod this time, my other favourite character as a kid. They’ll probably ruin him too.

However, news of the spin-offs is becoming more and more notable, and yesterday saw an announcement by John Cena that he will be joining what is hoped to be a larger Transformers Cinematic Universe. Cena will join the cast of “Bumblebee,” which will be released December next year.


I think I’m more excited by the fact it says “directed by Travis Knight” but I guess this will be exciting to others. To be fair to Cena, I haven’t seen him acting in anything. And no, I don’t mean I don’t class what he does as “acting” I just mean I genuinely haven’t seen the movies he’s been in. I see Michael Bay is still on board as a producer, so he might still be able to request more explosions. Then again, my perception of him is that I imagine he gets upset when his cereal is made with no big explosions in the morning.

So what do you think about all this? I actually had no intention of writing this much, I feel like I need to honour the original Transformers Movie with a review or at least links to the soundtrack so everyone can hear “You got the powerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!”