There were two rather epic trailers for the most recent series of Game of Thrones, released less than a month between each other and the second was released about a month before the series debut. Much of the footage in both was the same, some from different angles and with different voice overs. One thing i have noticed is that almost all the footage has already been seen, with the exception of the footage from beyond the wall and a charging Dothraki hoard ( i wouldn’t worry, we’ll see these soon enough, some of it very soon).

I’m going to be theorizing off of the ending voice over of the second trailer. The trailer itself is much more Stark/North heavy, the first had a much more even spread of the characters and plot lines. The trailer ends with a flurry of action shots from what looks like the big showdown that will (likely) be at Eastwatch, interspersed with what seems to be an injured man (looks very much like Jon but could be any man in Northern garb), the injured man is on horseback and seems to be wandering alone. Over the top of these scenes we hear Sansa say: “When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.” We don’t yet know who she’s saying this to and the trailer seems to want us to think this is about Jon (spoiler, i don’t) but these words are more than just a cool way to wrap up the trailer.

The phrase is actually originally said by Ned to Arya, I’m not 100% this made it to the show but it’s something that has played on Ayra’s mind ever since and at one point she actually thinks to herself that he had it backwards. Remember that as far as she has been told, her family is dead save for Jon and Sansa, so she could be forgiven for thinking that way.

So, who is the “lone wolf” that Sansa is talking about? Is she just talking in general or is she talking to one of her siblings about how they need to band together? Ahead I’m going to list a number of possible candidates and why I’ve listed them.

Jon SnowI’ll begin with the obvious one, Lord Snow (technically Sand) is the first up and it’s purely because he’s the character the trailer focuses on as the line is delivered. I don’t think he’ll die again (at least not this season), he has the plot armour now and i think he will live beyond this season. I actually think he is the safest of the “Stark” kids….for now.

Likelihood of death this year: 2/10

Bran StarkThe latest Three Eyed Crow is as much a Stark as Jon is these days, he as good as said that he’s transcended humanity, but they are both very much still wolves of Winterfell. Much like Jon, Bran has the plot armour and he has far too much to contribute to the story and i just can’t see him dying this year. In fact, i believe that he will survive the winter.

Likelihood of death this year: 3/10 

Arya Stark: Formerly no one, she’s now everyone’s favourite bloodthirsty assassin (racking up possibly the biggest kill count of any single character in the show) and she seemed to be heading down a very dark path. There’s been flickers of the old Stark blood in her, namely her desire to leave the Faceless Men, but nothing more telling than when she received the news that her family were alive and had reclaimed their home. Barely a second thought to it, she headed north. Her story in episode 2 actually gave us a little foreshadowing and that’s why i added her to the list.

She encountered a literal pack, with the Alpha of the pack being her own Direwolf: Nymeria and the wolf’s reluctance to leave her home, her pack will no doubt let Arya know she’s on the right path now, though i don’t think we’ve seen the last of Nymeria or her pack. If she can reunite with her own pack and leave her quest behind her, then i believe she’ll be safe but if she sets out on her own again, i think it will be the end of her. I also think that the line from the trailer is being said to Arya.

Likelihood of death this year:  3/10 if she stays, 7/10 if she goes.

Sansa StarkLady Stark of Winterfell is acting more like a Lannister than a Stark these days and under the mentoring of Lord Baelish, she’s become something much different to her siblings. Of course, given all she’s been through, she was always going to change into something a bit darker.

Many people seem very split on whether she is wise to Littlefinger or if he has her thinking she is. I think he’s still playing her like a fiddle and i think it will get her killed. No doubt about it, the animosity in the North has come from her, but would she have challenged Jon so openly, had he not told her to? I think she has come a long way but is still way over her head and if she continues to oppose and undermine Jon, it will lead to her death. Would Arya kill Sansa to protect Jon? I believe so.

Likelihood of death this year: 8/10, probably won’t be Arya that does it, but how grim would that be!?!

Petyr BaelishI know what you’re thinking: Bullshit, he’s not a Stark, what’s he doing here?! While that is true, is there a better embodiment of a “lone wolf” than Lord Baelish? He is literally the head of a one man house, with little land of his own (all the rest that he controls is through Robin) and yet, he has carved out a ridiculous name for himself and made a fortune off the misery of others.

His manipulations are what’s caused all of this. This whole mess is on him and much of what every character has gone through is a result of something Petyr has done. One thing i am certain of though, is that his time is nearly up. He will not see out the season, it’s just a matter of when, how and who? My guess, episode 4, stabbed with his own dagger by Arya. Will it be because Bran tells Arya what Petyr did to their father (none of them seem to know) and what he allowed to happen to Sansa? Will she see Petyr with Sansa and hear them conspiring? Or will Sansa kill him herself? My money is on Arya, avenging her family and it will be a beautiful death.

Likelihood of death this year: 9/10….no 10/10 because it’s Game of Thrones, nothing is certain!

So, there you have it. My thoughts on what’s to come (most likely this weekend) but what do you think? Do you agree with my thinking or do you have your own theory? Let us know what you think!