There’s a new animated Transformers movie in development that will be receiving a theatrical release!!

The information was confirmed during Hasbro’s annual Investor Day. Boulder Media Studio, a Hasbro-owned film company will be overseeing development on the project while also developing theatrical films for My Little Pony and Stretch Armstrong.
There aren’t any details on when the first film would be released but it has been confirmed by Hasbro that after the first one hits theaters, an animated Transformers movie will be released in theaters every year thereafter.

Two dollops of good news, shall I shatter that with the following?

The new animated films will be set within the continuity of the live-action Transformers movie universe.

Oh dear. As the box office returns for Transformers: The Last Knight proved, audiences have definitely been turned away by Michael Bay’s version of the definitive robots-in-disguise, after back to back bad* films.

So will this news be enough to bring you back into the Transformers fold? Or, like me, are you done with the franchise?

*personal opinion. The first two arent terrible but they’ve gotten steadily worse since!