There is absolutely no shortage of fan theories about Game of Thrones, you could probably count well over 1000 of them (especially if you count the ridiculous ones, such as Ser Pounce the cat is Azor Ahai). One of the best things about the entire A Song Of Ice And Fire series (and it’s TV adaption) is the enormous amount of world building and character building. Despite GRRM’s ridiculously descriptive writing style and the attention to detail, he has left a lot of points up for debate. Of course it’s deliberate, apparently it’s called a hook. Create buzz, get hype, hook them up and reel them in.

I could write all day about some of the bigger theories; Tyrion isn’t a Lannister, none of the Lannisters are actually Lannisters, Ned is alive (i know), Syrio Forel is Jaqen H’ghar, Mance Rayder (still alive in the books) is Rhaegar Targaryen and so many other others but some of the best ones are the much more discreet ones. Today I’ll be covering one of my favourites and it’s about a fan favourite character.


Hands up if you are Bronn fan. Okay, now slap yourself. Just kidding. We’ve just had one of the best Bronn episodes (no spoilers here but it’s awesome), he has featured heavily in a number of big moments throughout the series and he’s the subject of one of my favourite but also one of the most plausible theories.

Bronn of the Blackwater. A title he receives when he’s knighted after his starring role in the Battle of Blackwater (Stannis’ very nearly successful attempt on King’s Landing) but before this, what house does he belong to? He doesn’t say. In fact when Tyrion introduces him to Tywin: ‘Bronn, son of?’, to which Bronn replies to Tywin ‘You wouldn’t know him’. It’s funny and seems very much in character, just brushing him off but i believe he’s hiding something.

His abilities as a fighter are beyond that of the average man and his knowledge of literature has been shown to be exceptional. When preparing for the Blackwater and the siege of Riverrun he’s mentioned that he’s read the great treatises on sieges and war written by an archmaester and understood it better than Tyrion (one of the most intelligent men in the land), he bested the champion of the Vale and trained Jaime Lannister to fight, one-handed and with his weaker hand. These are no tasks a common man could hope to achieve. Does he purposely fight dirty perhaps to hide his high-born training he received as a young lord-to-be?

This last little section refers to when Bronn was singing the Reynes(Rains) of Castamere song. When questioned with how he knows the lyrics of the song, he replies brusquely and with an almost pained expression ‘drunk Lannisters’.

Bronn is the involuntary head of the disgraced House Reyne.

you may also notice that the colours of this house are almost the exact opposite of the Lannister one

House Reyne was the first major House that the Lannisters drove to extinction. They were bannermen to the Lannisters, serving Tywin’s father Tytos. Their home, Castamere, was a mining town, with much of the city actually below ground level. Tytos was a poor ruler and there was a rebellion against his rule, led by House Reyne. By the military strength of Tywin, the rebellion (which was nearing victory at one point) was pushed back home and retreated to their mines. Tywin ordered the sealing of Castamere’s entrances and the diverting of nearby water into the mine, causing the deaths of all within. They then razed the city and slaughtered all of the House.

Of course, there is always the possibility of one sneaking through the cracks and i believe they did. I believe Bronn was a young member of House Reyne, receiving the training that a young lord-to-be would receive and this, coupled with his time on his own after his family was slaughtered, gave us the skilled mercenary/survivor that we all (at least most of us) have come to love.

If this is true, it could add a whole new reason as to why he’s so happy to take so much from his Lannister “friends”. Why he wants a castle and lands and men to follow him, perhaps he feels they owe him. Not just because of his knack for saving their hides but because their family wiped his out.

What do you think, is Bronn a secret Targaryen Reyne? Will he kill them to avenge his house? Is Ser Pounce the secret to defeating the Night King? (probably not). Share your thoughts on this and any other Game of Thrones theories, especially the daft ones because they’re always fun! Be sure to check out our upcoming review of Season 7 Episode 4: Spoils of War and let us know what you thought of the episode!