Bioshock was a game that caught a lot of people by surprise. I didn’t get to play it until a few years later but when I did I was wondering why it had taken me so long! Today marks 10 years to the day since the US release and I wanted to share some of my thoughts on the game.

It had everything: A blend of first person shooters and RPG elements but it also had shades of a survival horror game, a beautiful artistic setting that was futuristic but also retro at the same time, great characters, with a fantastic story that tells of the corruption within those that have power and will do anything to retain it but it also shows just how far some will go to defend those at the mercy of such forces (it does also contains one of the biggest and most shocking twists ever!) and something that’s missing from many modern games; Morality and consequences for your choices.

Set within an underwater city that was designed to allow the greatest of minds work at what they want without the constraints of “the man”. Of course humanity is its own worst enemy and when you add genetic enhancements to the mix, it’s a recipe for disaster. Naturally, the place tears itself apart and your protagonist arrives just as the end seems near. An idealistic rebel has practically seized control and offers to help you if you help him to finally finish things. Along the way you meet a few different characters: Splicers, many of the inhabitants have been exposed to genetic splicing (hence the name) they have gained a variety different powers but have lost their minds, seeking only more power. Big Daddies and Little Sisters, Little Sisters are tasked with gathering Adam, a genetic material that’s used to gain the Plasmids (the genetically enhanced powers). They gather this from the many dead bodies across the city, however they are an easy target for the Splicers, or for you, as you can harvest them to gain their Adam. That’s where the Big Daddies come in, these hulking beasts were created to protect the Little Sisters, they are genetically bonded with them and will defend them with everything they have. Including their arm mounted power drill. bioshock___big_daddy_by_maxkennedy-d4q2ttkThe remaining sentient humans are split, with some who are reveling in the chaos and those who are just trying to get by. You’ll come across a scientist who regrets her role in past horrors and is seeking redemption, a doctor who seeks perfection, a decidedly unhinged socialite musician who is trying to complete his masterpiece and more. Every one of them plays a role and each one provides a number of options to help or hinder them. Your actions will determine how some characters will interact with you and how the game will end.

By the end of the game, you could have doomed the city and it’s inhabitants or saved many of them. You could become a hero, saving Little Sisters from a horrendous fate or you could become the very monster that they fear!

There are few games that have captured audiences like Bioshock did and, even now (perhaps more so now), it’s still very relevant.

What are your memories of this fantastic series? If you haven’t played it, you really should!

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