Continuing our look into some of the greatest cosplayers we’ve come across on the internets, I bring to you the awesomeness of cosplayer and artist Giulietta Zawadzki. Giulietta’s cosplays fascinate me because, as I mentioned in my last article, I love props (I’m honestly a big kid) and some of her cosplays are basically GIANT PROPS! Let’s take a quick look at 3 of my favourite!

Alien Queen – Alien Franchise20170830_204449

You can’t deny the impact this has. If you saw this walking around the public areas at a comic-con, you’d either run like hell or trip over your jaw. The attention to detail in… well… in everything is incredible. The feet, hands, arms, shoulders, back and especially the head. It must take an age to put everything on, never mind how long it must have taken to create the whole piece. Giulietta must have a strong neck to wear this! I think it’s more fascinating for me as I had a massive fear of Aliens as a child, thanks to exposure to it at a young age, thank @ianscinematicmusings for that one…

Daedric Armour – Skyrim

Daedric from Skyrim.png

Yet again, another incredibly detailed cosplay, this time from the gaming world. I was gonna play Skyrim, then I took an arrow… never mind. Check out that big axe! And the detail in the armour is intricate. This armour does a great job of being equal parts feminine and badass. I think the picture does itself more justice than I can trying to talk about it.


Pharah Thunderbird – Overwatch


Unlike the last article, I don’t know these gaming characters, but as I’ve said at the start I can appreciate how good the costumes are. This isn’t just a case of buying an outfit off the internet and modding it slightly, this is full blown construction. This time from the massively popular shooter Overwatch.



Bonus Character Unlocked – Warhammer 40k


I know I said I was bringing 3 cosplays, as I’m hoping you’ll go look at the rest for yourself at Guilietta’s Website, Instagram or Twitter pages. But how f*cking awesome is this?? I think it’s safe to say these cosplays definitely set her apart from the crowd in many ways. And big, prop-based outfits are just one part of her arsenal, you really need to go check out her sites and, as always, let us know what you think.