As with all our Theory posts, there are likely to be plot points from the books and/or the show that could spoil entire sections if you’re not caught up. This is your spoiler warning!


“The prince or princess that was promised”. In season 7 we finally got a little bit of clarification on one of the longest running prophecies in Game of Thrones (though it actually complicates the matter, quite a bit).For those unfamiliar or needing a refresh: The prince that was promised is a prophesied leader or savior. The prince is part of an ancient prophecy which foretells the coming of a hero to deliver the world from darkness.

They’ve been bashing us on the head for a long time that the “dragon has three heads”, indeed this is the part of the prophecy that lead Rhaegar to annul his first marriage as Elia could have no more children and he believed he needed a third. Many believe this to mean that three people will ride dragons and there were many theories as to who these three would be. For now, we have two confirmed dragon riders but I don’t think that’s necessarily what the 3 heads mean, no I think it merely means that there are three people who have huge roles to play in the war for the dawn, not one hero.

I know, this kind of shits on a number of peoples hopes that Tyrion will ride a dragon and that Jamie is the real hero of our story but I believe the three people are all of Targaryen lineage, just as Rhaegar had intended.

Daenerys, sister of Rhaegar, her part in the story was to bring dragons back to the world and amass a force that was unlike any seen before. Jon Snow (Aegon VI Targaryen), his role would be to unite all people under one banner, just as he united the free folk with the North and he will unite Daenerys’ forces with the North. He will likely be the one leading them to battle. So who is the third? What role do they play? What if I told you her job was just as important as both of theirs and that it had already been completed?

A quote from Alfie Allen, who plays Theon Greyjoy, talking about Jon’s parentage (which Martin told him the truth of): “it involves a bit of a Luke Skywalker situation.” Now this could mean nothing more than that Jon was raised to think of his parentage a certain way, only to find out things were in truth very different from what he suspected. Or, (and please bear with me on this), it could mean Jon has a twin sister, from whom he was separated at birth.

last hope
“That boy is our last hope.”
“No, there is another.”

Meera Reed is Jon’s twin sister, and the third head of the Dragon. Her role? Escorting Bran to the Cave of the Three Eyed Raven. This allowed Bran to fulfill his own destiny, his knowledge and power will be essential in the war to come and without Meera, he would never have made it.

Now there is not a lot of evidence to back this up and what little we have is quite circumstantial but in a way, it does track with the kind of things GRRM has put into his story so far. Much of the evidence I will put forward is from the books but there are some show points that we’ll draw from.

Now it’s stated in the book that Meera was born in the same year as Robb and Jon, and we know nothing (just like Jon) whatsoever about her mother. We’ve assumed up to this point that her mother is Howland’s wife, Jyana, but we know nothing about this character except her name and that she exists because Jojen (more on him in a bit) has to come from somewhere.

Meera’s physical description is very similar to Lyanna’s and Arya’s. She’s slim and flat-chested, attractive without being traditionally beautiful.  She’s got the martial prowess that Lyanna had, and her cheerful but fiery personality is reminiscent of what we know about Lyanna. On the subject of similarities, both Meera and Jon share a similar outlook on life. They believe that everyone deserves help and will go above and beyond to protect those who cannot protect themselves; Jon with Sam, Meera with Jojen and Bran. This quote by Meera seems very much like something Jon would say also: “Some people will always need help. That doesn’t mean they’re not worth helping.”


Can we also talk about how similar the actors who play Jon and Meera are?

The odds of Lyanna dying in childbirth seem more likely if she had twins. Sure, dying in childbirth wouldn’t have been uncommon but the help that Rhaegar would have been able to provide for her, should have been more than enough to deal with any regular birth but twins would be a much more complicated issue.

Howland certainly owes Lyanna a debt. As a young squire, during a tourney, Howland was set upon by squires of other Knights. He was rescued by Lyanna and her brothers; this was how house Reed came to be so close with house Stark. Him taking a second child and hiding it at Greywater Watch could certainly have happened in the time between the TOJ and Ned returning to Winterfell (Ned returning with TWO bastards would have been a real stretch, and having the children in the same place would have put them in much worse danger if their true parentage was discovered, very Skywalker-esque, no?).

The northern houses that could propose marriage alliances with the Starks seemed to be at least interested (the Karstarks wanting to marry Alys to Robb), but despite Howland having a daughter of the exact same age, he shows zero interest in such an arrangement (Close friends/allies with children of the same age generally seem very interested in marrying their kids off to each other…but not here…). Perhaps this was because Meera isn’t a Reed?

It gives the dragon a third head in a very “neat” way, which seems much more up Martin’s alley than making Tyrion a bastard or having Bran warg into the third dragon.

That is basically all the evidence that I have to put forward. So now let us look at the arguments against it.

The biggest hole in this theory, no doubt, is that Meera has green eyes. No Starks have green eyes (Lyanna and Jon both have gray eyes), and no recent Targaryens have had green eyes either. However, wouldn’t giving Meera gray (or violet) eyes give this away way too soon? Howland Reed knows some magic thanks to his time on the Isle of Faces, and Crannogmen have been described as being able to “blend in” to the neck. In a world that has people with the ability to take the faces of other people, disguising eye colour doesn’t seem too much of a stretch, does it?

She doesn’t show up in any of the prophecies. There’s no foreshadowing or prophecy that mentions twins. However, you could play it as the “prince or princess” could literally translate as, “it could be this one or it could be that one”.

Bloodraven(the Three Eyed Raven) or the Children of the Forest should have sensed her importance (she was in their cave, after all), but if she seems significant to them, they didn’t show it. Jojen may have known, he was blessed with visions of the future but he too said nothing. Of course, they may feel it’s best to let this one lie in wait as a solid back up, should the other “chosen ones” fall. She herself doesn’t know and perhaps they felt she doesn’t need to know until it’s important. Interestingly Bran hasn’t indicated anything but we have seen that he hasn’t yet gained full control of his abilities and seems to need a fixed point to focus on.

The actress who plays Meera in the show was also asked about this too, saying: “Hey, I’d love it to be true because it would mean great things for my character, but I’m holding back on speculation for now,”

“I think what’s been going on in George R. R. Martin’s brain is so much more a complex wormhole than we could possibly imagine.”

“I think there’s definitely a mystery to Meera and Jojen and their parentage, but I think it’ll unwind itself eventually.”

Plus Meera being Jon’s sister would explain why such a seemingly side character has survived so long. Well, that and Hodor’s door-holding heroism :’(.

So what do you think, does Jon have a secret twin? Is this just reaching? Let us know and check out some of our other articles!

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