Hi all,

Just out of the cinema after watching Marvels latest cinematic masterpiece. It was easily the best Thor film of the three and it will be interesting to debate with the others where to place it in amoungst the MCU series.

It is very comedic. Almost too comedic, however my belief is that they didn’t push it too far like Guardians of the Galaxy 2 did with Drax and Baby Groot. Chris Hemsworth has really taken to the role and over the last few films found his comedic chops and they use this with aplomb.

Mark Ruffalo does and exceptional sidekick performance. Tom Hiddleston does a fantastic job as Loki again and newcomer (to the MCU anyway) Cate Blanchett also contributes some seriously scene devouring acting ability when on screen.

Is it the perfect film, no. A few minor squabbles with some parts which I will leave off for now and the guys will no doubt cover in the podcast, however it is a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Probably not much else I can say for now without spoiling the film.


Steve (#itsSteve)