After 10 years of universe building and teasing out plot threads, we finally have the trailer for Infinity War. Have you seen it yet? No? Where have you been? Find it here.

Though a trailer was shown at D23 and SDCC earlier this year, this is somewhat different, with many scenes extended, several added, a few removed and two of them are key ones (more on them later).
In this article I’m going to go scene by scene and break down what we can see and maybe try to make some predictions.

The trailer opens with a shot of an unnamed, desolate planet while Nick Fury’s “There was an idea” speech from Iron Man, which is fitting as that film started all this, echoes in the background. Several other members of the team deliver lines from the speech, reminding us why the Avengers initiative was started: To bring some extraordinary people together, to fight the battles that ordinary people couldn’t.

We catch a glimpse of Tony, on what seems to be the same planet from before and he looks broken. Slouched over, on his knees with his hands almost clasped in prayer. This planetary surface features a lot in this footage and it seems like it will be where the third act will wrap, perhaps they’ll visit it early and have to return, perhaps it’s a vision, perhaps this desolate land is Earth. For now, we don’t know but i have a theory on it a little later on.

Next we see Dr Banner has crashed back on to Earth, in a crater in the middle of the staircase of Dr Strange’s new digs, as he and Wong look down to greet their visitor. It would seem that Hulk somehow escapes Thanos’ attack and will take the place of Silver Surfer, who warned Strange that Thanos was coming in the comic series.
Next up we check in with Vision and Wanda, who seem to be living together and it’s very heavily implied that they are now in a relationship (Vision envy is real). Vision is now also sporting a new, human look, though his Mind Gem is still glowing in his forehead….for now.

We catch a glimpse of Thor, probably on the Milano with the GotG. It seems that they are showing him the trail of destruction Thanos’ forces have left in their search for the Infinity Gem but it’s possible that they’re comparing notes and come to the same conclusion, he’s coming for Earth.

We now move to another shot of Banner and it seems clear that he is now in Wakanda, he’s also standing just next to an arm of a Hulkbuster, obviously just reminiscing! He also seems to be talking to a now blonde Black Widow, who we see smiling in the next shot. Remember that she was the last person from Earth to see or speak to him and this was around two years ago by this point.

Here we can clearly see the Eye of Agamoto…but no gloves?

We return to the Sanctum Sanctorum, Banner is now standing beside Wong and Strange and they’re joined by Tony Stark. Interestingly we see that Strange is wearing the Eye of Agamoto. It seems they hear something and look towards the door. They see crowds of people running and Tony goes outside to see what’s going on. This seems to match up very closely to the next shot, which is of Peter Parker on a school bus and we get our first look at his spider sense in action as he turns to see a giant object in the sky. It seems to be a gateway of some kind and will probably be used to allow the Black Order (also known as The Children of Thanos) to lead the invasion.

The trailer then switches back to the Science bros and their magic buddies, who are now all out on the street. There’s heavy damage around them and they look very worried, Tony even takes off his sunglasses! *DRAMATIC MUSIC*. In this shot, we begin to hear Thanos, warning us about destiny: “In time you will know what it’s like to lose. To feel so desperately that you’re right. Yet to fail all the same. Dread it. Run from it. Destiny still arrives.”

What have you done?!

Things start to take a much more grim turn as somebody is stepping over bodies. It could be Xandar, it could be Knowhwere (the Collectors home) as both these locations house and Infinity Gem. However, because of the next shot, i believe this is the ship that the Asgardians escaped on at the end of Ragnarok and i also believe Loki has betrayed them all…mostly because of this shot.

A portal opens and the Mad Titan himself arrives and smirks….and whoever is greeting him probably won’t be. It’s worth pointing out that in the background we can see that there is a lot of debris and stuff, some of it seems to be floating up. We can also see that the sky is still blue. I think that the planet he is on is Xandar, home of the Nova corps. We were last here in GotG (it got a cameo in GotG2). Xandar is the current home of the Power Gem and, as we saw in GotG, it has the potential to wipe out planets. Because of these facts, I believe that the wasteland we see at the beginning and throughout the trailer are one and the same and that it’s Xandar.

We catch a shot of Spider-Man, in his new suit (Iron Spider). He seems to have made his way up the “not a stargate”. We then move on to one of the more puzzling shots. With Thor in the middle of a giant structure, he seems to be in a lot of pain. Is he straining to keep this together? Or is he trying to tear it apart? The trailer shifts again and we get our first look at a member of the Black Order: Proxima Midnight as she throws a spear at a man in the shadows and he catches it. Meanwhile we hear Black Panther giving out orders to his people: “Evacuate the city, engage all defenses and get this man a shield” as the man in the shadows steps forward and a rugged looking Steve Rodgers is revealed.

A very worried looking Scarlet Witch is using her powers on something, probably trying to hold off an attack on Vision. I can only assume that the Black Order have conducted a simultaneous attack on Earth at locations that have Infinity Gems, with New York and wherever Vision is (it seems to be the UK) confirmed IG locations and it’s been long suspected that the final missing one is somewhere in Wakanda.

We’re now treated to a flurry of quick action scenes, led by the Hulkbuster leaping into action (away from the city, obviously so that people don’t get pissy about “destruction porn”), Black Widow stabbing someone (maybe Proxima, maybe Corvus Glaive) with a spear, Strange using magic on a street, probably to stop debris and then several objects are seen falling into the Wakandan forest. These seem to be troop carriers as the next scene has Cap and Black Panther fighting what seem to be Outriders. For those who don’t know, Outriders are the genetically engineered soldiers, usually used as recon but it seems that they will be the grunts of Thanos’ army. In the comics they have telepathic powers but i doubt they will in the MCU.

Next up is a blink and you’ll miss it moment as we’re back on the wasteland and Thanos full on chokeslams Spider-Man, shattering the ground around him when he hits the deck and we hear another line from Thanos: “Fun isn’t something one considers when balancing the universe….” as the scene changes back to Tony, who seems to be in the same place and i think this moment, the chokeslam and the opening “prayer” of Tony’s are all just seconds apart as in the SDCC trailer, we see Tony kneeling over a bloodied and broken Peter, who sobs “I’m sorry…..”.
It wasn’t grim enough before…’s been made pretty clear to us that Vision is the most powerful Avenger and here we see him laid out, with someone standing to the side of him and another with their foot on his chest and he screams as they stab a spear into the Mind Gem on his head. I believe this is Corvus Glaive and this has probably been a self-sacrifice by Vision to save Wanda, as I honestly don’t know how else they would defeat a being that can alter his density and basically can’t be touched.

We now see Thanos adding the Space Gem, from the Tesseract, to the Gauntlet. Iron Man (in another new suit) seems to be backing off from Thanos as he then raises the Gauntlet and two lights (purple and blue) flash up, indicating that he has the Power and the Space Gems in the gauntlet. We hear the end of his sentence from before: “but this does put a smile on my face.” as he punches Iron Man and knocking him down hard.
We see Bucky with Black Panther’s army, as they prepare to engage the enemy. The scene shifts to Falcon flying over the battlefield and as he opens fire it seems that the Hulkbuster is mixing it up in there (though it may be Hulk but I don’t think it is). We also get a look at the Outrider forces in full charge as Black Panther leads his army to meet them. The music begins to slow as we get our money shot.

Yes, I’m re-using the featured image….LOOK AT IT!!!

Logo, fade to black and the obligatory post credit stingers have come the trailers! Pirate Thor asking “Who the hell are you guys” and the screen turns to reveal the Guardians of the Galaxy, with Mantis giving him a little wave.
Phew….some epic shit in there!!! Sooo, there are some differences between this and the trailer shown at D23 and SDCC. There is a breakdown of that here but most notably the original had a LOT more Guardians in it.
*****POTENTIAL SPOILERS***** If you don’t want to read about the content that wasn’t in this one, skip down a bit, you’ll know when it’s safe, I’ll have stopped talking about who gets their ass kicked!


We see Thanos with Thor’s head in his hand and he screams as it’s being crushed, i do wonder if this has been because it is the end of Thor but it’s possible that they have removed it from the film entirely, who knows.
The other key scene that isn’t in the official trailer, was the money shot from the original. We see Thanos reach out his hand and pull a meteor/planet from the sky and throw it towards our heroes.


****END OF SPOILERS**** No more removed content here, it’s safe now!!


So that’s it. What do you think? Did you see anything that I’ve missed? Will Thanos assemble the full Gauntlet in this film? How will they stop him? Let us know your thoughts on this and be sure to check out some of our other articles too!