Geeksmas continues, with day 3 bringing us some news from the world of the Power Rangers.

While many people would consider it unlikely that we’ll ever see a sequel to Dean Israelite’s Power Rangers reboot, it seems like at least some of the film’s cast believe that a sequel could still make it to the big screen.

Prior to the release of Power Rangers earlier this year, Lionsgate and Saban remained quite bullish on the film’s franchise-launching potential, with reports of the studio already mapping out a seven-film series – that would have taken in many of the different versions of the Power Rangers, including: Zeo, Turbo, and In Space – doing the rounds for weeks before its worldwide debut. It seems that most studios are now doubling down on big multi film franchises, without thinking about laying the groundwork properly. Just like with the other big franchise that tried and failed to launch this year, things quickly took a turn for the worse after the box office numbers started rolling in. It launched in the wake of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, which would be a tough act to follow (regardless of the quality of that film, following a Disney hit is never gonna be easy) ultimately managing to gross just over £142.3 million worldwide (£85.3M domestic, £56.9M foreign) on a reported £100 million budget. Certainly not an ideal start for a potential franchise setting off point.


Now, while Lionsgate was reported to have only been on the hook for 25% of the production budget, Saban Films and the film’s many foreign investors likely suffered significant losses after the film’s failure to take off in pretty much every international market. With that kind of turnout, it was hard to imagine the studio moving forward with a sequel. However, when the film hit Blu-ray and DVD, there seemed to be renewed optimism that a second chapter in the Rangers saga could, in fact, see the light of day with the film debuting at the #1 spot on both charts. Up until now, Power Rangers has brought in over £13.1 million from home video sales, not including any Digital purchases or rentals.
Earlier this week, in an interview with The Wrap, Red Ranger actor Dacre Montogomery (who most recently stole many hearts in Stranger Things Season 2) expressed his own optimism about the sequel’s chances, admitting that he doesn’t believe it’s quite as dead as many would like to believe. “I think that cast, we’re like family — we have a little group chat — we all would love to do a sequel. I know we’d all be there in a heartbeat and if something does come through the woodwork, which I’m not suggesting it wouldn’t — I actually don’t think it’s out of sight, but if it does, we’d be very excited to do a sequel.

So, what do you guys think? Would you like to see a Power Rangers sequel? Do you think we’ll get one and what did you think of the first?