It’s Geeksmas day 5 and I stumbled across this on the official Twitter of the Heroes and Villains fan fest @heroesfanfest (give them a follow) and this was from their San Jose event.

***SPOILERS AHEAD*** There will be spoilers for Thor Ragnarok, I shouldn’t even need to say this, the film’s been out for almost two months! If you haven’t seen it yet, where have you been?

The Warriors Three weren’t treated at all well in Thor: Ragnarok, with two of them dispatched in a matter of seconds, with the third, Hogun, holding his own for a bit, but was clearly outmatched and killed with relative ease. In the case of Zachary Levi, he was only given the opportunity to start running at Hela before she effortlessly killed both Fandral and Volstagg with some throwing knives.


While Levi was recently cast in DC as the other “Captain Marvel” and will take on a far more significant role in the DC Films Universe with the lead role in Shazam, many fans were still upset to see him given such a minor and forgettable part in the movie, especially considering the Warriors Three were said to be legendary. Fighting alongside Thor, Loki and the noticeably absent Lady Sif…though at least she lives on.



In the short video below, Levi explains what happened to poor old Fandral. “For those of you who have watched the movie, you see that Cate Blanchett comes out and she very just willy-nilly throws some knives of demonic purpose, I don’t know, they’re evil knives impaling both me and Volstagg, killing us instantly,” he said, recapping the events of Thor: Ragnarok for fans. “The end.”

Fandral didn’t get so much as a single line in the cinematic release but it turns out that wasn’t always the case. “What is on the cutting room floor is me charging at Hela and getting impaled and going ‘For Asgard.’ No shit, I had my last line, my last words in the Marvel Universe were ‘For Asgard.’ Cutting room floor.” Levi is clearly disappointed, as am I…….but hey, at least he’ll be Shazam! If that film does actually get made, given the mess over at the DCEU, NAME YOUR UNIVERSE DC OR WE’LL JUST KEEP CALLING IT THIS!!


Despite that, The Warriors Three definitely deserved better and it seems a shame to have had these three bow out in such a way. What do you guys think? Were Marvel right to just treat them as cannon fodder? How would you have liked to see them go? Will Lady Sif return? Let us know your thoughts!


**NOTICE** I really enjoyed Thor Ragnarok, i thought it was a thoroughly enjoyable movie but i have more than a few issues with it. I also found that many people were quick to jump and heap praise on it, despite it being inferior to about a third of the other MCU films, it’s not even the best CBM this year (Logan is, don’t argue, it just is). I address some of the issues in my post here. It’s an attempt to sit back and try to look at the faults of the MCU in general, so check that out too, if you’re interested in someone shitting all over one of the most successful movie franchise of all time.