Geeksmas Day 11 and we got some news out of CCXP 2017 Sao Paulo!!

As far as taglines go, “We Are VENOM” is definitely a good shout!

Sony Pictures have revealed the film’s logo at their panel during Comic Con Experience 2017 in Sao Paulo. Both Ruben Fleischer (director) and star Tom Hardy (Eddie Brock), who are both currently on-set in Atlanta filming the upcoming Spider-Man spin-off, made a quick appearance, via webcam, to tease the film and also share with those in attendance an exclusive t-shirt, featuring the new logo (below).


Steven Weintraub from Collider shared a better look at the t-shirt.

It also looks like Tom Hardy’s Venom is officially going to be a “Lethal Protector” as the actor confirmed that the comic book of the same name will heavily influence the movie from Sony Pictures. Published in 1993, the series saw Eddie Brock move to San Francisco after making a truce with Spider-Man but he was soon hunted down by the Life Foundation, a group ultimately transformed into a deadly new group of symbiotes!


Venom also served as a vigilante of sorts, dispensing brutal justice to those who did wrong to innocents. During the video, Hardy also confirmed that the movie takes place in San Francisco which further ties into “Lethal Protector” and the actor proceeded to tell fans that he’ll do the character justice and plans to bring plenty of action and dark humour to the role.

Hardy also mentioned that the movie will be important to the Marvel Universe but I’m not entirely sure what he meant by this as it’s set to be completely removed from the Marvel Cinematic Universe! This is where my concerns about the project begin to creep in. We have a character, whose creation is a direct result of Spider-man, though we haven’t seen that story line yet (it’s far too early for it anyway) and it’s seemingly completely detached from the MCU and Spider-man. How they plan to navigate these points will make or break how well this movie and its subsequent sequels will do, but I’m still very wary….to be honest, the whole thing reeks like WB’s rushing of the DCEU and that’s not promising.

What do you think about these new details? Is Venom a character you want to see now, or should they have cooled their jets and set up the “spider-verse” first? Is Tom Hardy the right choice?