Since it’s release on the 15th, Star Wars The Last Jedi has raced to $1 billion and hasn’t even hit the Chinese market yet, so it is likely to become the highest grossing film of all time.

As of this post, it was reported to be at $1.040 billion which makes it only the 3rd highest grossing of 2017, overtaking Despicable M3 and coming up behind Fate of The Furious and Beauty and the Beast (2nd with 1,235,761,498 and 1st with 1,263,521,126).


Given that the other two released much earlier in the year and that Star Wars had only been out for 16 days it got me thinking, what is the fastest a film got to a billion? So after a quick check, The Last Jedi is only the third fastest to gross $1 billion. Jurassic World released back in 2015 hit 1,065,400,000 on its 13th day, taking 20 million more in 3 less days.


The fastest a film got to a billion? It also released in 2015. Star Wars: The Force Awakens took only 12 days to rake in 1,086,058,914, a further 20 million more than Jurassic World! So TFA grossed 40 million more than TLJ in 4 less days! Wow!

After looking at these figures, I decided to have a look at the highest grossing film of all time and it generated two lists: one for standard release and one that adjusts account for inflation.

These are some incredible numbers! What do you think The Last Jedi will finish on? What will be the next big hitter? Let us know what you think!