Evening all,

Do not adjust your browsers… it is indeed #itsSteve back from the wilderness…

SuperBowl Sunday has passed… and alongside SDCC and the pre-christmas run, has provided us with lots of goodness to watch..

First up is the big one.. and most likely highest grossing film of 2018.. none other than Marvel’s Infinity War.

Similar to the last trailer released a few months ago we get glimpses of the characters, but very little revealed in story.. speculate away folks.. who dies???

Cap gets some funky new arm shields courtesy of Wakanda. Stark has, of course, upgraded his armour again… (ANOTHER HOT TOYS ARMOUR I WANT!!!!).. The ‘pinkness’ of Thanos has been altered by the looks of this trailer back to a more traditional purple hue, but that makes me think the ‘pinkness’ is down to the atmosphere on whatever planet they are on.

Still no Hawkeye though…. where is he?

Check it out below and as always let us know what you think…