Hello everyone. #itsSteve here after a veeeery long break from writing. Ill blame University.. but then I put that on permanent hiatus..

Star Wars hype has been something else for the last few years with the run up to The Force Awakens and the box office record which it took at the time (and looked like it was going to be a long while before it got toppled..until 2 and a half years later a small ensemble film of Marvel characters got together for something called the Infinity War.) The main trench of ‘episode’ films were going to be interlaced with smaller ‘fill in’ films.. then Rogue One landed and launched itself into the better half of the star wars films which sent the hype even higher.. these so called ‘fill in’ films were going to be worthy.

No-one can say the last minute was something special…


Anyways… The Last Jedi then landed, and ruptures in the fandom started… that plus the stories from behind the scenes both at Disney and the Solo film got people worried… to the point that some wanted to boycott the whole thing…

Solo arrived and didn’t do particularly good in its initial weekend if you base it on the $100 Million barrier. Opening weekend was $84 Million (currently 83rd on the all time domestic opening weekend chart, and ahead of films such as Episode 2:Attack of the Clones, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Avatar, The Hobbit:Desolation of Smaug and Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King amongst others)

As it stands today (Thursday 5th July 2018) it sits at $208 Million domestically which is not the worst return, however it has only taken a further $161 Million worldwide which has hit its numbers hard. I would imagine not even breaking even at the moment with its reported $300 Million budget due to the reshoots..

But that did not deter me…


It may have taken me a month to get round to it, but I did indeed manage to make the cinema trip to see what this film was about and to make my own mind up about it.

Right off the bat, I am very much a casual Star Wars fan. It could very well be that this, alongside my current mindset of trying to see the positive in everything, that led me to enjoy this. We get how Chewy and him met, the kessel run in 12 parsecs, more of the story behind the dice and a very cool cameo from a red faced villian with a dual blade lightsaber. There was too little action for my son (6 years old.. with a low attention span…so the character building moments had him chatting away to me as to when it was going to be finished – then the action would start up again and he was fine for the next 10 mins.. repeat cycle…) but I found it decent enough mix of story versus action. There is the whole problem of the technology seeming better now than the original trilogy from years back, but that is a stupid thing to be moaning about really… time has moved on and we should just get used to it.


Cast wise I thought everyone was great. Donald Glover does a super smooth Lando, Emilia Clarke is ok as the main love interest/potential protagonist of any sequel that may or may not arrive. Paul Bettany and Thandie Newton do some excellent supporting work, Woody Harrelson is an interesting mentor for young Solo but the two characters that stood out for me were Chewbacca and L3-37 and her robot uprising. Alden Ehrenreich was fine as Han Solo, but then I was one of the few not trying to compare him to Harrison Ford.

All in all, they tried to fit it in well and make a decent solo adventure (yep, ill get my coat.. @dstobbie will be loving that dad joke..) from one of the core characters now that *SPOILER ALERT* we wont see any more old Solo since wee benji decided to off him.

Worth a trip to the cinema if you enjoy popcorn films – hardcore fanboys will find faults but those of us who can see past that should enjoy it for what it is.


Steve (#itsSteve)