Awww Jeez… the disappointment level is unreal..

A few years back I was one of a few people who trudged out to see the original Pacific Rim. Helmed by none other than Guillermo Del Toro, the idea of giant robots fighting giant monsters was right up my street. That scene in the second trailer where Gypsy Danger was dragging along the Oil tanker and then used it as a baseball bat had me sold. Story wise the original was maybe a little on the thin side, however the spectacle more than made up for it.

Cue 5 years later and the follow up finally gets made and released. I was a little wary about it with the longer development time, hardly any of the original cast coming back and Del Toro moving to a producer role rather than directing it but hey.. its Giant Robots fighting Giant Mosters.. what can go wrong?…


Well… turns out, even a thin storyline is better than the horrible mish mash that this one became… I like to think of myself as a glass half full kind of guy, but even my optimism during this drained somewhat.. I fully expect the guys from “What Were They Thinking?” Podcast to have a go at this sometime.. it is just several layers of daft upon several more layers..

Attempts at humour fell flat – the use of ‘kids’ gave it a Transformers : The Last Knight kind of feel (I was astounded at how stupid that film was). The peril was never really there.. and most disappointing of all was the lack of Kaiju in the sequel.. with the trailer spoiling the awesome reveal that would have been the Kaiju merging into a Mega Kaiju..


Even fans of the original may struggle through this. Set predominantly in Asia, and  marketed towards that area of the world after the original was saved by a huge China Box office total (more on that here), the use of asian actors was a clever way of gearing the film towards success. There is a post-film, just before credits mild stinger teasing part 3 (cant blame their confidence then..) but with a worldwide box office total of $290 million (down from the originals $411 Million) I am not sure if the series has any more legs in it.

Shame as the idea is sound, albeit a little daft.

If it is your kind of thing, maybe worth a watch. Do not expect anything exceptional though.