RPG-a-Day 2018
RPG-a-Day 2018 Day 01: What do you love about RPGs?

One of the primary joys of playing RPGs for me, in both the tabletop and computer game mediums, is the social aspect. There is something extremely satisfying about gathering a group of players and sitting round the table on a Sunday afternoon to explore fantastical locations, battle hordes of monsters and just plain be big gorram heroes. I have forged many friendships exploring dungeons and vanquishing foes, and it’s creating those shared memories of epic adventure that stands RPGs apart from any other past-time. In a way I learn more about a person at the table than I would in a normal social setting, seeing how a person acts and reacts in a world with limitless options and minimal repercussions is a unique window into the soul.

Beyond that, I love the scope of RPGs, there is no end to the options available for characters, settings, styles. Wanna play adventures exploring an open world of fantasy and high magic, check. Wanna plot and execute heists in a dark cyberpunk future, check. Want to use eldritch magics to bring justice to the Wild West, check. There is something to scratch any itch your imagination needs scratched and you can do it all as whoever you want to be. Even running or playing pre-written adventures is different every time, a dice roll here, a tactical choice there and events play out totally different between playthroughs.

Those are the two biggest things for me I think, there’s a lot of other things, the tactics of battle, building a character and fleshing out their background, post-game analysis of what went well and what didn’t, sharing tales of past adventures (successful or not), they’re just a few things that makes playing RPGs such an amazing pasttime.

I’ll be back tomorrow with Day 2: What do you look for in an RPG?

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