RPG-a-Day 2018
RPG-a-Day 2018 Day 03: What gives a game “staying power”?

For me, being able to take my character and let them grow and develop in the world presented by the GM. I took Adrian from a vanilla level 1 Fighter who was a member of the local guard to a level 20 Fighter/Runecrafter, married to a member of a race of Angels, father to a human/Angel daughter, Master Smith, founder of a weapons and armor business, head of a fighting school/small town militia, pillar of the local town community due to his role in defending the town from enemy forces on several occasions, owner of a number of Legendary weapons and suits of powerful custom-made armour. I played nearly every week for two years in this game because I wanted to explore the world Jonathan had built, I was invested in the development and progression of my character, how the events he faced would shape his future. I forged relationships with the players and their characters as the game went on and we became a legendary adventuring party.

The same could be said for Craig Oxbrow’s Buffy the Vampire RPG game The Watch Tower and Stuart McConnachie’s d20 Future game, I had characters that I was invested in and wanted to see where the weekly events of games would take them in that story. Combine this with each game having a selection of amazing players to interact with and riff off and great GMs who could roll with whatever we threw at them (and we threw some serious curveballs every so often).

I will return tomorrow with Day 4: Most memorable NPC.

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