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RPG-a-Day 2018 Day 04: Most Memorable NPC?

For those out there that are unfamiliar with the term, NPC stands for Non-Player Character, which is a character portrayed by the GM that players interact, it could be a surly shop owner, wisened old soothsayer, or a distraught villager. Having played for so long I’ve come across many NPCs, and have played many NPCs myself in games I’ve run so I’ll do one I’ve met and one I’ve played.

The most memorable NPC I’ve encountered is one that came about accidentally and much to Craig Oxbrow’s ire. Captain Rugged was the result of an in-character rant during a session of his The Watch House game which resulted in the session becoming completely derailed, but was probably the most fun we had as we rolled with it. My character had once again allowed his neurosis overwhelm his rationality as he was jealous of the attractive, erudite young man who had befriended the girl of his dreams. Labelling him “Captain Rugged”, he accidentally cast a spell that left the young lady only able to see him as a masked caped crusader, dressed in lycra riding a horse named Flash (ah ahhhhhh) and on a mission to fight pirates. Cue a whole session of misunderstandings, confusion and hilarity as Craig rolled his eyes portrayed his very serious NPC as an over-the-top superhero. As an amusing side-note, the NPC in question was “played” by a pre-Superman Henry Cavill…

The most memorable NPC I’ve portrayed is a little complicated as I played potential future versions of the group’s characters. I was running WoW RPG and had planned on having the group play through the game until a certain point where an “Apocalypse” level event would occur, then a period of Post-Apocalyptic adenturing in Azeroth would happen before an oppurtunity would arise to travel back in time in a bid to prevent the Apocalypse, adventuring in the same timeline they had already experienced. To foreshadow this, I had one session where each party member met a future version of themselves who had come back from a potential future with warnings of what was to come. I took each player aside and did a short one-on-one scene where I played them, but world weary, traumatised, remorseful, or whatever vague fate I wanted to allude to. My favourite scene was opposite Stuart McConnachie’s High Elf Mage/Warlock who didn’t meet themself, but rather an unfamiliar High Elf female who seemed very upset at seeing him. Come the next morning when the players (who didn’t know what the other players had experienced) gather for breakfast the following morning and began realising they all had similar meetings, Stu started to put two and two together as to the potential fate of his character. A particular joy of this was having had James McGookin’s Undead Warrior’s future version missing an arm but not tell him how he lost it, only for the very next session to see him lose his arm in a fight with Worgen. I really enjoyed attempting to portray the players themselves, taking on their mannerisms, attempting to mimick their voices and attitudes with a little tweaking for whatever they’d been through.

I’ll be back tomorrow with Day 5: Favourite Recurring NPC.

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