No, I have not been to the cinema twice today… just getting around to backfilling some reviews..

First things first – this film was going to have a hell of a time following up Infinity War.. Marvel rather cleverly placed both Ant-Man and Captain Marvel, due out next February, in a slightly different timeline so that the events of Infinity War didn’t directly interfere with this film… (the main film that is.. stick around for the mid credit scene to find out EXACTLY where this film sits in the timeline..)


Out of all the previous Marvel Films, Ant-Man ranks near the bottom to be honest. It was a comedy heist movie with some decent things in it and suffered from the all too familiar Enemy with the same power problem that has plagued Marvel films… expectations for this one were set around the same mark.

Now, it is not going to be crashing into my top 5, not by a long shot, but it is certainly better than 3 or 4 other films straight of the top of my head. The use of Pym Tech to make things bigger or smaller throughout is cleverly done, expanding on the first film. Cast wise everyone is fairly decent in what they are given (two exceptions below) with the stand out moment being Luis (played by Michael Pena) re-telling a story in his own special way.. a gimmick taken straight from the first film, however when it is this good, I have no issues in re-using it.


The exceptions… firstly Walton Goggins as Sonny Burch who is our secondary villain in this film, and secondly Randall Park as Jimmy Woo. Woo is the worst of the two, a bumbling FBI superior out to get Ant-Man for breach of his house arrest. I am sorry, but I don’t buy it one bit.. I get that you are making a comedy film but in no film should a serious organisation such as the FBI be reduced into a bunch of goons. Goggins unfortunately just doesn’t get enough good material to work with, and what he is given he delivers with utter ham-fisted awfulness..


In all honesty I came out this film feeling a bit so-so, but upon reflection it wasn’t as bad as I first thought. Hannah John-Kamen as Ghost was a worthy adversary, with some interesting powers, a decent backstory, and a real reason to be causing our heroes problems… I was almost rooting for her at one point..

A must for Marvel fans (after all – we are all completionists anyway..) and should be enjoyable for action fans too. I don’t think it will convince anyone else who is not already onboard to join in the fun.


Ser Steve