Tom Cruise is back as Ethan Hunt in the sixth instalment of the Mission Impossible franchise and, quick take, it is quite possibly the best one yet.

The only Mission Impossible film to feel like a direct sequel to the previous instalment, following on from 2015’s Rogue Nation, sees the remaining members of the syndicate having regrouped under the name The Apostles. Their leader John Lark is in the process of acquiring three plutonium cores and while in Berlin trying to intercept them, the mission impossible gang fail allowing the cores to be captured by the enemy.. it is now up to them to retrieve them.


The action is unsurprisingly mental, in a good way.. action sequence after action sequence flows great through this film, the bathroom fight sequence was a highlight, and particularly brutal.

Cast wise everyone is great. Tom Cruise throws himself into it 100% again. Ving Rhames and Simon Pegg add some great support to Cruise as part of the core team. Rebecca Ferguson is back and without spoiling too much is back at odds with Cruise again due to SPOILER ALERT Sean Harris returning as Solomon Lane – Mission 5’s main villain.. Newcomer to the series Vanessa Kirby, playing the white widow, adds some glamour to the shady under dealings and I would assume if the series does continue into a 7th instalment she will be part of that too.


Second in command is Henry Cavill joining in as August Walker – a CIA black operative assassin who goes along to supervise Ethan and the gang to retrieve the plutonium. Cavill does fine in this film and I thoroughly enjoyed his story arc through the film… to say more spoils too much.

The ending is almost hilariously overdone, going on forever with one of those great countdown timers that don’t pass in real time, but don’t let that minor nonsense detract from the film overall – anyone who likes spy films of any kind should check this out – as should any action or Tom Cruise fans..

Roll on Mission 7..


Ser Steve