Yes, you read that right – Power Rangers Day is a thing (in the States at least) and it is coming this month… 28th August.

The date has been chosen to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the first ever Mighty Morphin Power Rangers episode. All of us at Fair City have a soft spot for the Rangers – Last year at MCM Comic Con @dstobbie got his pic taken with none other than David Yost himself – the original Billy Cranston.


The franchise is seeing a bit of a resurgence following the Power Rangers movie remake last year and sequel that is currently in development. Add this to the 830 episodes on TV that have been made so far, which is second all time to The Simpsons if you look at non-soap opera scripted tv shows, and you can see why Hasbro pushed to make it an official event.

Time to dust off the old films or watch on Netflix in celebration of 25 years.


Ser Steve