RPG-a-Day 2018
RPG-a-Day 2018 Day 18: What art inspires your game?

So I have zero artistic talent, absolutely none whatsoever, I’m not even kidding about how bad at drawing I am. I’m ok at tracing and aparently I’m very good at drawing a straight line without a ruler, but taking an idea from my head and putting it on paper is a near impossible task. So it genuinely blows my mind when I come across artists that produce amazing work, I look at some pieces and I just can’t comprehend how they even start to put together some images.

That all said, I don’t think art really inspires my game, but I would say that I do like to look for artwork that represents how I imagine things look like in game to better show players/GMs what I’m thinking. I follow a number of D&D character themed blogs on Tumblr like we-are-rogue, wearemage and wearebarbarian, which are great for finding class specific images and other info or ideas. There are a few specific artists that I follow on twitter that produce some amazing pieces like Andew Scott Keller whose style is awesome. There also an army of Critter artists who produce fan art based on Critical Role which I highly recommend checking out since the quality is out of this world.

Tomorrow I will be looking at what music enhances my games…

What art inspires your games, let me know and share with us in the comments below. You can find all the previous RPG-a-Day articles here, you can follow me @bargtheogre on Twitter, or check out the Inside the Ogre’s Cavern podcast at @itocpodcast