RPG-a-Day 2018
RPG-a-Day 2018 Day 28: Share whose inspiring gaming excellence you’re grateful for…

There are so many players and GMs that I have had the honour to share a spot at the table with who have each shown me a new aspect, approach, style or concept of gaming. Everyone has a unique take on gaming, what they like, how they play, where they came from and one of the great joys of gaming is experiencing those different gaming styles and approaches and finding new things to add to your own approach.

I’m grateful for seeing the likes of Simon Fraser, Jonathan Yuill, Matthew Barrowcliffe, Craig Oxbrow, Malcolm Craig, Stuart McConnachie, James McGookin, Colin Pickup, Vitor Zanni, Gregor Hutton and numerous others running games that have captured my imagination, and showed me how to craft a narrative, build a world, manage the table, create tension and atmosphere.

I’m grateful for Liam O’Connor, Brian Nisbet, Lee McLean, Jamie Halford-Forbes, Stu Clark, Darren Barber, amongst a number of the previously mentioned GMs and upcomin mentioned players for all the stories of gaming legend, for sharing the tales of adventure past and inspiring me to crete similar moments of my own.

I am grateful to Ross MacLeod, Jamie Robertson, Mark Williamson, David Stobbie, John Watson, Scott Lewis, Lucy Whiteley, Doug Whiteley, David Neil, Paul Fraine, Colin Pickup, Jamie Prentice, Nicole Torreli, Chris Chestnut, Sebastian Rogatti, Daniel White, Fraser Miller, Sigga Gunnarsdottir, Derek Robertson, Robin Hellier, Graham Milne, Andrew Nunn, Cat Tobin, Katja Menger, Sabina Arndt, to mention but a fraction of people I’ve share a table with, we created unique shared experiences and adventures, explored worlds, uncovered mysteries, forged friendships and vanquished evil together and had a great time doing it.

Finally I am grateful to my wife Angela, whom I introduced to roleplaying and I have had the joy to watch learning the hobby from scratch, taking on unfamiliar/unfavoured classes and learning how to play them better than people vastly more experienced that her, myself included. The joy and passion she brings to every encounter, relishing each challenge, exploring everything presented to her and taking in every detail, analyising ever puzzle and pouring over the potential solutions. It inspires me to keep playing, to create new stories for her, to create new challenges for her to solve, to get the oppurtunity to play the fighter/mage combo we’re destined to play.

Tomorrow is day 29 so I’ll be sharing a friendship I have because of RPGs, which could feature pretty much all of the names I’ve mentioned today…

Until then, please use the comments below to share someone whose inspirational gaming excellence you are grateful for. As ever, you can find all the previous RPG-a-Day articles here, you can follow me @bargtheogre on Twitter, or check out the Inside the Ogre’s Cavern podcast at @itocpodcast