Hi all,

Some of my earliest memories are about transformers. I was lucky enough to get some of the toys (Never Optimus..) and when I was allowed to watch TV it was transformers that was one of the shows of my youth.. A few years back (jeez.. 11 years now) the movie universe began with Transformers..

Five films later, with each getting slightly sillier each turn the series hit a bit of a lull with The Last Knight receiving the worst reviews of all of them (yes, even Revenge of the Fallen was more favourably critiqued..) and also the lowest box office total of the five films so far (even worse when you take ticket inflation into account) and Paramount had a slight problem on its hand…

Enter Bumblebee – a soft re-boot of sorts which goes back in time to when the silent protector was in his early days of helping out on earth. Set in 1987 we should get some retro nods alongside (hopefully) a better and more coherent story.

The one cool thing so far is that everyone seems to have been taken back to their original cartoon forms (referred to as G1 for the hardcore fans) and glimpses in the trailer of Shockwave, Optimus Prime and Soundwave (complete with cassette out of the chest Ravage) harks back to the time of our youth.

Cast wise our heroine is Hailee Steinfeld, who is helping out Bumblebee escape from the Decepticons seeking him out and the government – led by someone playing Agent Burns, but I cant see him..

Check it out on December 26th when it lands in the UK.


Ser Steve.