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2019 Billion Dollar Films – Page 2

John Wick 3

Nonsense. That’s what this film will entail this summer. I just threw it in here as it is my second favourite movie I am looking forward to this year. Nonsense also indicates it’s chances of a box office Billion seeing as part 1 and 2 took $88 Million and $171 Million worldwide.

Odds of hitting – 0%


The continuation of Disney reimagining their films in live action. Dumbo due out in March time is likely to do ok but it is this remake alongside The Lion King that stand the best chance. Beauty and the Beast took $1.26 Billion, proof that the new generation will happily revisit these films with their own little ones.

Odds of hitting – 45%

Godzilla: King of Monsters

Our @kezijin has this high on his list (alongside a spooky clown film mentioned later). This interconnected franchise of King Kong, Godzilla etc has been hit and miss at the box office so far.. Will this make it?

Odds of hitting – 5%

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

With the Fox properties due to be brought into the MCU this is their swansong in the old world, but with advance word not extremely favourable (compared with Fantastic Four.. ouch) the odds of this doing great slipped massively.

Odds of hitting – 0%

Toy Story 4

With number three having taken $1.06 Billion back in 2010 and inflation helping take care of any potential shortfall in number of people going back this has a high chance of getting to the magic number.

Odds of hitting – 95%


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