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2019 Billion Dollar Films – Page 3

Spider-man: Far From Home

With anything being attached to the MCU being a goldmine at the box office plus Venom’s far better than expected box office this has a better chance than I had originally thought.

Odds of hitting – 85%

The Lion King

The second of Disneys live action remakes that has a chance and arguably bigger due to the continued success of the musical versions that are cemented in west end/Broadway et all. Or have too many people already seen it to care?

Odds of hitting – 70%

IT: Chapter 2

@kezijin most looked forward to movie of 2019 (and my least.. you would have to pay me thousands to consider it). But how successful will IT be? Part one took $700 Million so it has a little work to do, but not loads…

Odds of hitting – 25%

Frozen 2

Back to what Disney do best. Animation. Despite quarrels in the FCPN camp around it’s chances I am convinced it hits the mark. The original took $1.28 Billion and by the time this sequel arrives six years will have passed…. six more years of kids who have grown up into a Frozen obsessed childhood (Speaking from experience, my 4 year old niece is utterly Frozen mad) and it will also benefit from the time of year being a Christmas release.

Odds of hitting – 100%

Star Wars: Episode IX

The second of my slam dunks. Even after all the backlash of The Last Jedi and some fans boycotting there is no way this doesn’t hit the Billion mark. We now HAVE to know how the story ends.

Odds of hitting – 100%

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