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The American Fitbaw Cast – Episodes 1-10

The Debut Episode from The American Fitbaw Cast. Come Join us on our adventure – Originally posted on the fair city podcast network – intro and outro music removed once tranferred to our own account.

Round 2 – Andrew leads the charge as we discuss the Free Agency Moves.

This time we chat Odell Beckham, the Cooks trade while “Two Time Reigning Fantasy Champ” gloats.. A LOT.

This time we predict who goes at what position in the 2018 Draft – Sam Darnold, the expected first overall pick in the real draft falls, but how far do we drop him?, and more importantly, how silly will we look after the real event…

Hitting our stride now and growing more insane as the episodes pass this time we review how we did with the 2018 NFL Draft…

This time round the team review this years “All Or Nothing” Series, featuring “America’s Team” – The Dallas Cowboys. We also make some waaaaay to early season predictions.

Division Previews Start with the AFC South..

This time round we tackle the AFC North while at the same time Marvin Lewis is compared to a Freddo bar, resulting in all of us getting the absolute giggles.

After a 5 week break we return to find we forgot just about everything.. This time round we tackle the NFC South – arguably the strongest division in the NFL last season.

This time round we tackle the AFC West – predicting where each team will finish with some interesting discussion and differences of opinion on how the four teams will fare. Find out which team we have finishing first on one persons list, and last on another, in the toughest to call division yet.

Episodes 11-20

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