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The American Fitbaw Cast – Episodes 11-20

Episodes 1-10                                                                  

This time round we are recording from Ser Steve of House Wrath’s.. eh.. house.. Having just finished our Fantasy Football Draft just 30 minutes beforehand we disect our 12 teams drafts before deciding who will win this time round.. surprise surprise, Gav picked himself…

Check out why Gav thinks the AFC East is the most boring division in the NFL, we have a discussion on where the Patriots place if they were in the NFC Side and we discuss the NFC North battle (pre Kalil Mack’s trade to the bears) – despite the title, not all of us thought the Packers would win..

Victory grabbed from the hands of defeat.. just like a Hail Mary Pass..

Maybe the number 13 is cursed – we had our recording laptop shut down 50 minutes into recording but thankfully it was recovered..

This time round we chat about Lev Bell’s holdout and review the NFC East and NFC West Divisions – our final two division previews.

We begin our weekly roundup of all things NFL related from week 1 of the season – Players of the week (see episode 12’s title for a clue on that one…) – Play’s of the week, hereby now christened as the Tyreek Hill round-up and our disappointments of week 1.

Week 2 is in the books. We change the format a little covering all the games while picking out Plays of the Week, those players you need to be picking up on Fantasy and Disappointments.. (yes, looking at you again Cleveland Browns)

This week the secret recording location was compromised, leading to a last minute skype call of old, however Gav was unable to make it. We also finally sort out an intro..

Dr Smith leads the charge this time and Steve happily retracts about 50% of what he said in the divisional roundups as the Bengals, Titans and Ravens all have proven him wrong.. The less said about Andrews Cardinals though, the better…

Week 5 of the season is in the books as we start to see less wild results, the relentless pursuit of an undefeated season from the Chiefs and Rams and the Impending doom of the Patriots looking very much like The Patriots AGAIN…

Steve takes a week off, Andrew and Gav take us through the week 7 action, with a couple of surprises when they look in to some league wide stats…

The full gang are back together as they talk through the big stories from the NFL over the past week, and rank their best and worst offensive players of the season so far.

                   Episodes 21-30

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