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The American Fitbaw Cast – Episodes 21-30

Episodes 11-20

This week Gav leads the charge. We chat London Games, going through who we think will travel over next year. The best defensive players are discussed following on from last weeks Offence. The last minute trade frenzy is talked about and Steve gets a new nickname…

This week we discuss the game of the week from week 9, as well as Dez becoming a saint, Brady v Rodgers, Dak done in Dallas and much more.

This week the gods bestowed upon us “Technical Difficulties” in recording.. apologies in advance if the audio is a bit rough…. this week we talk the Saints relentless pursuit of a second SuperBowl win, the awful Jets, what is going wrong in Oakland, Tennessee’s revival and finally Gav’s betting picks for the upcoming week.

Week 11 is in the bag which threw up yet again utter carnage in some of the games, the highlights being the Rams and Chiefs record breaking Monday Night Game and a record defeat for a reigning SuperBowl champion (heres looking at you Eagles..)

This time we chat about the teams that have done not so well this year and hold the top picks in next years draft before getting into our most serious conversation yet, hence the title, about the Reuben Foster situation..

This time round we chat Kareem-What-A-Hunt… Coaching openings in Green Bay and Cleveland – which one would you want? following Mccarthy’s sacking in Green Bay.. And Gavs poor Redskins Injury woes… not sure if any team has had it worse this season.. they are this years Chargers…

This time around it is the London Games (international series, to give it its proper name), John DeFilippo’s sacking in Minnesota and discussions on some of the crazy things that happened in week 14.. The Miami Miracle, Henry’s 4TD performance and some young gunslinger called Mahomes doing the ridiculous with a no look pass.

Nearly through the season and with Playoffs round the corner we focus on the teams currently in the hunt and what they have to do to make it. We Predict our superbowl matchups too.

The gang are back after the festive break ready to chat all things NFL. This time we go into the coaching hirings and firings after the season ended before going through the wildcard games.

This time we go deep on the Divisional Games, Update the coaching tracker, Debate Foles/Wentz for the Eagles and try to rank the last 4 remaining Head Coach/QB pairings

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