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Episode 10 – Welpome.. To Episode 10

Well, we made it as far as Episode 10 believe it or not…

This time round we tackle the AFC West – predicting where each team will finish with some interesting discussion and differences of opinion on how the four teams will fare. Find out which team we have finishing first on one persons list, and last on another, in the toughest to call division yet.

This episode also marks the first time all three of us have been in the same room recording, now that Gav has changed jobs and works at the same location as Steve and Andrew.

Steve – 1 – Los Angeles Chargers, 2 – Kansas City Chiefs, 3 – Oakland Raiders, 4 – Denver Broncos

Gav – 1 – Kansas City Chiefs, 2 – Los Angeles Chargers, 3 – Denver Broncos, 4 -Oakland Raiders

Andrew – 1 – Denver Broncos, 2 – Los Angeles Chargers, 3 – Oakland Raiders, 4 – Kansas City Chiefs

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