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Billion Dollar Question – Page 2

The 2019 slate looks to be one of the biggest in film yet and it is highly likely that this year becomes the new all time leader. I will have a go at projecting these in a future article.

The Original Article is below – Thanks.

$1,000,000,000…Thats a lot of money, a serious amount of cash, more than 99% of all humans and businesses would know what to do with.

In Hollywood is $1,000,000,000 now what it used to be?

Roll back to 2008 when at the time The Dark Knight passes $1 billion to become just the fifth movie all time to break that figure. It needed an extra long cinema run and a special re-release just to accomplish this having got to the high $900 millions during a normal length cinema run and was rapidly losing steam.

Back to the present time and it is now the 30th in the all time box office.. in nearly 70 years of cinema only 5 films had accomplished the fabled billion. Not even 10 years later and 25 more have joined the party.

But thats just inflation you say… well, yes, that is partly true..however not the whole story.

The last 10 years in cinema has been the most expansive of all time on three fronts. 1 – 3D became a thing (aaarrggghhh). 2 – IMAX expansion and 3 – Worldwide increase of cinema screens (china being a major focus of this).

With 3d premiums bringing in higher domestic sales when this first arrived on the scene a short term boost was brought into box office totals. In recent years this trend seems to have fallen and originally where 70% or above was a good percentage of 3D sales for films this seems to have fallen to a point where any film that gathers 50% of its sales from 3d tickets is deemed a success.

IMAX expansion around the world has started to contribute to the blockbusters getting a substantial boost in revenue. Popular opinion from cinema go-ers these days is that watching a film in IMAX is now the de facto way to see a movie. Big time cinema directors such as Christopher Nolan and Michael Bay brought the IMAX cameras into filming and with the cameras ability to capture a bigger picture, for the larger IMAX screen, some films are specifically designed to be seen in IMAX for the full experience. It does help that the increased cinema ticket price for IMAX films also contributes to the increase in box office totals.


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