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Fair City Plays Dark Souls II

Fresh from bringing in an Age of Dark in Lordran, we take on a new adventure in the Kingdom of Drangleic. This won’t be a challenge run of any kind, but a much more chilled playthrough.


Episode 1, Character creation and the Hub area.

Episode2, Forest of the Fallen Giants and a ruined Fort

Episode 3, Supply run and Clearing out the Fort.

Episode 4, The Lost Bastille, a prison for the Undead.

Episode 5, Return to No Man’s Wharf and the first of the Great Souls.

Episode 6, Descending into the void. Darkness and poison, hooray!

Episode 7, A forest guarded by Goblins and invisible enemies? Excellent.

Episode 8, Wanderer of Drangleic.

Episode 9, MOOORE POISON!!! and some Jolly Cooperation!

Episode 10, The long climb up Earthen Peak.

Episode 11, Broken in the Iron Keep

Episode 12, Going Through Changes and finally making progress

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