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Before even the first ideas were pitched for running a gaming page, i knew i wanted to get a Dark Souls Series in here and where better to start than with Dark Souls itself? The videos are captured live and i’m still figuring out some of the details but it’s all part of the fun! If you happen to see me online while broadcasting, feel free to stop by and offer some support, i’ll probably need it!!

While this won’t be a full 100% walkthrough, i will be looking to show off some tips and tricks to help any aspiring Undead in their pilgrimage! For an extra challenge, i have decided to make this a Soul Level 1 playthrough, which means i cannot level up my character. This severely limits the equipment i can use and my potential damage output.

Episode 1, character creation and “tutorial” 

Episode 2, Undead Parish nightmare

Episode 3, 2 new areas, 2 bosses and a return to the Asylum

Episode 4, fun in the Asylum, an old friend and the journey to Blighttown

Episode 5, the end of Blighttown and back to the Parish to meet a new NPC

Episode 6, into the Garden and a Fortress full of traps

Episode 7, escaping Sen’s Funhouse and finding a new hellscape

Episode 8, Anor Londo, the City of the Lords

Episode 9, Revenge of the Undead.

Episode 10, Avenging the fallen and discovering a hidden world.

Episode 11, Escaping the Painting and the Goodest of Doggos.

Episode 12, The flooded ruins and The Abyss.

Episode 13, Regicide in the Dark and The Demon Ruins.

Episode 14, Demons everywhere and lava…lots of lava.

Episode 15, Bed of Chaos and The OnionBro Returns.

Episode 16, The Duke’s Archives and Metal Piggies.

Episode 17, The Crystal Caves and invisible paths.

Episode 18, Death to the Paledrake.

Episode 19, Back to the Catacombs, Tomb of the Giants and the GraveLord, Nito.

BONUS EPISODE, Secrets of Lordran.

Episode 20, Loose ends and Gwyn, Lord of Cinder.


So that completes our adventure in Lordran, thank you for checking it out and stay tuned to see what game we take on next!


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