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Episode 01 – The Beginning…

In this episode, David and Steve chat over Skype and try to explain the purpose of the podcast. We also get sidetracked by dad jokes, The Get Happy Tour 2018 and will they remember the names of all the founding members?

Episode 02 – Introducing the American Fitbaw Cast

David and Steve are joined by Andrew to discuss the upcoming new show, The American Fitbaw Cast. David gets to show off his new intro music courtesy of Army of Freshmen and Steve’s wife makes a quiet cameo.

Episode 03 – What Does Podcasting Mean to Stu?

Critical Role, Fresh Talk and 20 active listeners – David and Steve chat with team-member Stu about Podcasting Influences and aspirations

Episode 04 – With Shaun of the Celine Dion Podcast

David and Steve are joined by Shaun from The Celine Dion Podcast to talk about what podcasting means to Shaun, with plenty of tangents along the way.

Episode 05 – With Giles of the Filmmakers Podcast

David and Steve are joined by Giles Alderson of The Filmmaker’s Podcast to talk about his podcast and what it means to him. These guys all love a tangent though, so podcasting is just one of the many, many topics they talk about. Other topics include Giles’ DNA in the hit movie Gravity, why we now regret getting this podcast on iTunes straight away, Steve’s Deadpool wall art and why you might not want Giles in your home for dinner. Join us for a laugh and a drinking game.

Episode 06 – Zach From Round Earthers Society Joins Us

This time round we have a special caller all the way from America dialling in to tell us about his podcast ‘The Round Earthers Society Podcast’. Zach tells us about his show and the reasons for starting up. We get into American Politics, the Nevada man who built his own rocket to prove the earth was flat and someone called Amigo the Devil. Listen closely to hear where Steve’s Zak (his kid) knocks on the ceiling to tell us to shut up.

Episode 07 – The Not So Round Round Table

In a rare occassion where Stu can join the team, David, Kev and Paul join him to discuss the various shows on the network. They discuss progress, officially follow up on Inside The Ogre’s Cavern Episode 01’s Infinity War Draft and discuss meeting their heroes. However, as always, tangents and sidetracks get in the way and all concentration levels drop exponentially as the podcast goes on.

Episode 08 – Special Interview with Ben Thomson

On Wednesday night, only a couple of days before the deadline for his crowdfunding campaign for The Ghost of Me and You is met, Ben made time to have a quick chat with David about his work. This was a particularly short podcast as both of them had pretty hectic schedules at the time, but they still manage to find time to discuss the important things like pizza and David not getting the part in Ben’s film.

Episode 09 – Tabletop Scotland Special

David and Kev chat to Dave from Tabletop Scotland to dicuss the event coming up in The Fair City itself. They cover a broad range of topics including (but definitely not limited to) what the convention is, what types of games will be there and who will be driving all the way from Kent in the official capacity of “Official Legend” to help out!

Episode 10 – Castle Wrath Round Rectangular Roundup

Castle Wrath welcomes four of the five members for the ACTUAL round table episode.. until Lady Wrath sent us packing from the dining table… This time Barg, Stobbie and Ser Steve give a round up of TableTop Scotland from the previous weekend, we chat about what podcasts we have been listening to recently such as ‘Which Murderer?’, ‘The American Fitbaw Cast’ (sorry for the shameless plug) and ‘Robbie Savage’s Premier League Breakfast’ before rounding out with the latest craze to engulf the team – My Hero Academia!

Episode 11 – Introducing… A Bloody Mess Podcast

David is joined by special guest co-host Hollie to talk to Chen & Jim about their new podcast “A Bloody Mess Podcast” – the latest podcast to start up with the Fair City Podcast Network.
We discuss why they decided to do a podcast on serial killers, some of the upcoming topics for the show and learn who replaced Mrs White in the modern version of Cluedo!

Episode 12 – When 4 Podcasts Collide

In this episode, David meets up with Steve (The American Fitbaw Cast), Chen (A Bloody Mess Podcast) and Cheyne (Cheynecast) to talk about TV as well as their own and other various podcasts. As you can probably guess, it doesn’t take long before the tangents kick in; Steve nearly dies, Chen discovers a hard truth about his new fans and Cheyne talks about things he’d like to have more often at work.

Episode 13 – The Science of Fiction Tease

In this episode, David is joined by Stu and their Astrophysicist friend Professor Doctor Mr Duncan Forgan to tease a new upcoming podcast “The Science of Fiction”

They also discuss Dadulthood, the sad passing of Stan Lee, Forgan’s frequent flying hassles and occasionally refer back to the new podcast

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