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Episode 8 – Special Interview with Ben Thomson

On Wednesday night, only a couple of days before the deadline for his crowdfunding campaign for The Ghost of Me and You is met, Ben made time to have a quick chat with me about his work. This was a particularly short podcast as both of us have pretty hectic schedules at the moment, but we still manage to find time to discuss the important things, including a sequel to The Balance and how you can win yourself beer and a pizza with Ben. We discussed Ben’s previous films as well, and the links for them will be down below. Personally, I really enjoy them, Ben however, who has what I describe as The Creator’s Curse where what you did before is never as good because you know you can do better now, likes to look forward to his next one.

If you want to help support Ben in his latest filmmaking endeavour, there’s still time to go to the IndieGoGo page and help out. Some juicy reward tiers in here.

Have a listen here 

Links to Ben’s previous films
Black & White (2008)

Dreamer Part 1 (2010)

Dreamer Part 2 (2010)

Dreamer Part 3 (2010)

The Balance (Starring ME!!!) (2013)

Nutcracker (2017)

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