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Episode 10 – Castle Wrath Round Rectangular Roundup

Castle Wrath welcomes four of the five members for the ACTUAL round table episode.. until Lady Wrath sent us packing from the dining table…

This time Barg, Stobbie and Ser Steve give a round up their TableTop Scotland experience the previous weekend. You can check out our review of it here. 

The chat about what podcasts we have been listening to recently such as ‘Which Murderer?’, ‘The American Fitbaw Cast’ and ‘Robbie Savage’s Premier League Breakfast’ before rounding out with the latest craze to engulf the team – My Hero Academia! Paul has convinced Stobbie to listen to this and they have also started Ser Steve on it. Two more members to go… beyond PLUS ULTRA!

Check out the madness below

As always, let us know what you think!

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