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Episode 01

Stuart aka @bargtheogre
Kev aka @kezijin
David aka @dstobbie
Seb aka @shakadvirgo80
Angela aka @randommagic
Paul aka KillaVanilla
Rando aka Rando Calrissian (a random number generator to pick arbitrarily)

We crafted a list of 141 Marvel characters that could appear in Infinity War, 65 characters currently active in the MCU, 38 currently active in the various Marvel TV shows (Netflix / Agents of Shield / Inhumans / Runaways) and 38 from characters yet to appear in the MCU either due to being a part of the FOX Marvel products (X-Men including Deadpool / Fantastic Four / New Mutants) or a Marvel property yet to be brought to film/TV. Note: Captain Marvel is in the MCU group as she is announced as appearing in a future MCU movie, Adam Warlock is in the MCU group as he has been referenced in a mid-credits scene in GotG Vol 2.

Each participant was asked to build a list of 60 characters in order of preference as to who they think will appear and survive Infinity War. Each participant will “draft” in order until they have 8 picks, picking at least once from the three character groups. Each participant was asked to decide where they wanted to draw from on each draft round  and the next available character on their list from that group will be picked for them, if there are no names on their lists available, a random character from that group will be selected for them.

If a character from the MCU list appears in Infinity War they earn you a point (half a point for a reference or in a flashback), and they earn you another point for surviving the movie without being killed (half a point for incapacitation/in a coma/banishment), if we’re unable to confirm their status at the end of the movie you will get half a point.
These points are doubled for picks from the Marvel TV group and tripled for picks from the External column. If a character does not appear in the movie at all, no points are scored.

Kev and I have submitted our draft lists and are not allowed to deviate from that order, so we can’t call audibles and change how we pick as everyone else is participating by proxy.



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