Fair City Podcast Network

Giving Perth Its Voice

Day 22

You’d think we’d start to run out of these podcast recommendations, but we’ve saved some great ones for a big finish.

Day 22 brings us local lads Monkey Sword Fight, a round table style podcast hosted by Jordan Patrick & Mike Dotts and produced by Andy Macfarlane. Most weeks, they are joined by guests (including our own guest writer and host Hollie) on the show and talk to them about various topics as well as their usual segments.

The team have a great relaxed chemistry between them, and the mix of Scottish and American accents helps keep people engaged (similar to “Which Murder?” podcast. Yes, I know Holly is Canadian! I said “similar!”) The show is well produced, with quality recording and mixing of audio into the episodes like at the start of segments. One of the segments is “Braw or Naw,” where people send in things for the guys to decide if it’s a good thing (braw) or not, which usually sparks great debate and tangents.

The guys are very active on social media and have great interaction with their listeners, discussing feedback on the podcast as well as shout outs. The watching/listening this week is also a fun section that can point you in the direction of new shows/music that you might be considering or never heard of.

If you’re looking for a new podcast that involves general chat between friends and featured guests, this is one to definitely check out.

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