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The Top 10 Movie Franchises

8. Jurassic Park – Last years Fallen Kingdom added to the totals of the Jurassic Franchise, placing it into the top 10. I would fully expect more entries in the series based on Jurassic World taking $1.6 Billion worldwide, and its sequel another $1.3 Billion..

TOTAL BOX OFFICE – $4,977,086,004

7. Fast and the Furious – Showing no signs of slowing down any time soon film after film after film has been churned out. Fast 8, released in 2017 took $1.2 Billion on its own merits adding to the coffers. Now moving into spin off movies with The Rock’s “Hobbs and Shaw” due out in 2019 this series looks to be a mainstay for a while.

TOTAL BOX OFFICE – $5,136,876,099


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