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The Science of Fiction

We come in peace

Three geeks (1 overqualified and 2 under qualified) explore the real life science behind some of the more iconic moments from Comics, TV, Movies, Games and any other sources of fiction. Are you ready for the podcast described as “mind-blowing” and “great fun” to entertain you?

The Science of Fiction is hosted by Forgan, Stu and Stobbie

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Click here for Episode 1 - Mew Mew the Hammer
In Episode 1, the team look at Thor’s mighty hammer Mjolnir and it’s abilities
Click Here for Episode 02 - Timey Wimey Stuff
Episode 2 is about Time Travel, looking at Fixed and Dynamic timelines and Multiverses
Episode 3 looks at space travel and the real life physics making exploration possible
“The Science of Fiction” written and performed by Jason Blyth
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