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Titans – Episode 1

I find intro episodes can be a tricky thing to get right, one series can be mass budget, splurge a load of money and get you roped in before failing to continue at the same pace whereas other series can be slow burners where you are confused as you spend a long time getting to know what is going on rather than just enjoying

The good news – This is neither.

First few minutes gives us The Flying Grayson’s flashback (surely not a spoiler? what kind of DC fans are you??) Before we head to Detroit and see adult Dick Grayson as a cop, doing cop things during the day, and laying the smackdown in alleyways in the evening.. rather brutally too.. Netflix has this rated Mature and for good reason too if a bit of gore and broken bones is your thing.

I always enjoy how the seeds are sown between characters meeting in shows such as this. Starfire is all they way in Vienna as the series starts. Raven is the focal point so far with her being the link between the characters and we finish on a cheeky wee cameo from Beast Boy who is yet to meet up with the gang.

All in all an excellent start – I am 100% in on this series so far. Lets see what the next episode brings.

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