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Titans – Episode 10

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Nearly there folks, the penultimate episode begins.

Back to Ravens mums house and we rejoin immediately after the end of episode 8, where Starfire is attacking Raven – Dick and Donna arrive in time to stop her and whilst Starfire makes quick work of Dick due to her increased strength, she is no match for Donna who happens to have a lasso on her having spent some of her youth at Themyscira (if you DONT know what this is by now go and hang your head in shame.)

After waking Starfire realises what she has done and heads away, Dick and Donna head after her to see where she is going. Raven and Beast Boy are hiding out in the house still. Raven tells him to leave. While he takes a moment to figure out what he is doing freaky things start happening around the house – visions of the doctor he attacked and killed in the Asylum haunting him. (dammit I hate scary stuff.)

Starfire eventually finds her ship hidden away in an abandoned warehouse and when inside finds information as to why she was tracking Raven down – her father is a demon from another dimension and will take over worlds when he returns – Raven is the key to his return. The also find out that Ravens mother is not all she seems…

After Beast Boy gets ill (I assume by Ravens mum poisoning him) she gets Raven to try and save him, eventually saying the only way she can is to get her father back from the other dimension to save him.. oh oh.. Raven agrees and she retrieves him.

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