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Titans – Episode 11

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So we have finally made it to the finale, thanks for reading to the end.

We start of with a flash forward to California where Dick is living with Dawn, they have kids, and Beast Boy and Raven are settling into college life (which we learn via a facetime). Jason, now in a wheelchair, visits saying Batman is in trouble.

The trouble with Batman is that he is going to cross the line he never does – to kill the Joker after Jason tells him about how the Joker killed Commissioner Gordon. Jason tells Dick that as he is the real Robin, he is the only one who Batman may listen to.

After going back to Gotham and seeing the level of decay it has become he decides it is not worth it, and heads back home. The noise in the next room takes a dark turn and he calls the cops. After Dick breaks down the door and the police arrive to take care of the situation he overhears the radio for another crime, involving ‘masked heroes’. When he arrives the Joker is lying dead on a car.

Through the episode there has been ripples in the scenes, like it is a memory of sorts rather than a proper flash forward, which gets confirmed when a police officer speaks to Dick – none other than Ravens dad.

Batman has cracked. He attacks and kills the Joker at the hospital after he survived the fall of the building, and not stopping there hits Arkham Asylum taking out Two Face and the Riddler too, alongside anyone else. With nowhere else to turn Dick goes to the police to tell them who Batman really is.

Led by Dick the police hit Wayne Manor, where things go as well as you would expect – Batman is waiting and takes the swat team out with ease. Starfire, who works for the FBI now, is also incapacitated with a cold gun. With no option left Dick blows up Wayne Manor.

Flipping back to reality it is fully revealed (if you didnt know already) that this was all a game by Ravens dad, and that Dick chose his own path within it to turn to the dark side.. as the series ends Dick (now with evil eyes) tells Raven she will enjoy it too…

Post Credits – in Metropolis a breakout in a lab leads to a figure running rampant through the facility – the figure has supermans S on his shoulder and is hunting for his dog, Krypto – it is none other than Superboy.. fade to black.

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