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Titans – Episode 2

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Here we go – into the second part we go..

Subtle nods to the greater DC universe is another of my favourite things. Dove (Minka Kelly, whom I knew from somewhere before and after searching IMDB realised it was the TV series “Friday Night Lights”) wearing a Superman T-Shirt or the list of names on Robins phone (scrolled too fast for me to focus on many but I am sure a recap on slo-mo will generate another nod or two.

We get a little more info as to who is after Raven and a sleeper cell activation to pursue and with some kind of enhancement drugs they prove to be more than a match for our four heroes.

People said in advance this was going to be dark and they were right. Nods to drug misuse and the violence level is up a gear again.

The episode also got me with a damn jump scare.. I hate jump scares..

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